FM Pharm

FM Pharm Ltd. is a company engaged in production, distribution and sales of veterinary medicines in Serbia and abroad. The integrity, commitment and sense of quality needs for our users made a positive contribution to become a leader in manufacturing and sales of the animal health products. Also, it led us to become a significant factor both in the environmental protection and the protection of animal and human health.

In order to achieve high quality of our products we do demand high ethical and professional standards from both ourselves and the others. Respecting the differences we all have and expressing them with respect and dignity, we are fully committed in recognizing the needs of our clients and are constantly focused on their satisfaction. With our active participation in the life of the local community, we are making a better place to live and work.

Innovation is the key of our growth and success. We are constantly encouraging team members to work together, overcoming organizational and geographic borders. Our company strives to deliver excellence and to advance our own performance, carefully following the given results and trying to make our trust not to be compromised. We design quality of our products according to the legislation and we ensure respect for associates, colleagues, customers and regulatory authorities.