Composition: 1ml of solution contains:
Butaphosphan        20 mg/ml
Glucose                    300mg/ml
B12                           10µg/ml
Excipients               ad 1 ml


Prevention and treatment of conditions caused or accompanied by hypophosphatemia and vitamin B12 deficiency

  • metabolic disorders as a consequence of inadequate nutrition, posture or disease
  • prevention of infertility and puerperal diseases
  • as supportive therapy for tetany and paresis, along with Ca / Mg therapy
  • stress, general weakness and exhaustion of the organism

Applications and dosage:

The drug is applied in drinking water for 3-5 days in a dose of:

Poultry: 1ml per 1l of drinking water

Pigeons: 1ml per 1l of drinking water

Pigs: 0.5ml per 1l of drinking water

(1ml = 20 drops)

Side effects: Not noticed.

Contraindications: Not known.

Withdrawal period: No limits.

Storage conditions: Store in the original package at a temperature up to 25 ° C.
Keep out of reach of children.

Method of issue: It is issued on the prescription of a veterinarian. 

Shelf life: 1 year. 

Packaging: 500ml 


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