Ketoban energy


Ketoban energy

Composition: 1000 ml of solution contains:

Niacin 0.02 kg
Saccharin 0.001 kg
Propylene glycol 0.9 L


Effect: Ketosis is a metabolic disease that is most important in dairy cows and occurs when the need for energy, and especially carbohydrates, is greater than the body ingests with food. The outcome of ketosis is often uncertain, recovery can be long, and some animals experience irreversible consequences (especially on the liver and never achieve the milk yield they had in previous or previous lactations). Ketoban energy has a pronounced antiketogenic, antistestatic and glucogenic effect, because it combines two basic components – propylene glycol and nicotinamide, which each in their own way affect the repair of metabolic disorders. Propylene glycol, as a precursor of glucose, very quickly raises the level of this most important energy substance in the blood, which gives an impulse to stop the enormous mobilization of free fatty acids from fat depots and increase the formation of ketone bodies in the liver. Nicotinic acid has multiple pharmacodynamic effects, which has been used successfully in ketohepatic syndrome in cows. It reduces lipase activity and inhibits more extensive lipolytic processes, thus preventing the excessive formation of free fatty acids and ketone bodies. Nicotinamide helps to break down liver triglycerides, and thus has an antistestatic effect.


Indications: Clinical and subclinical ketosis of cows and sheep, improvement of the general condition of dairy cows (especially high-milk cows) in the peripartum period, fatty degeneration and fatty infiltration of the liver.


Application and doses:

Therapeutic doses:

Cows: 500 ml per day, divided into two doses, for 5 to 10 days.
Sheep: 200 ml per day, divided into two doses, for 5 to 10 days.

Preventive doses:

Cows: 300 ml per day, 5 days before and 5 days after calving.
Sheep: 100 ml daily, 5 days before and 5 days after lambing.

The drug is given orally in a bottle or mixed with food.


Contraindications: Not known.

Withdrawal period: No limit.

Note: If the drug precipitates at lower temperatures, the crystals are lost by shaking. Shake the bottle well before use.

Storage method: In the original packaging, at a temperature of up to 250C, out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Packaging: Plastic bottle á 500 ml, 1000 ml.


Manufacturer: “FM Pharm”, Subotica


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