Microform 10 45


Microform 10 45

Composition: 1 kg of microcapsules contains:

Fumaric acid 175 g,
Formic acid 90 g,
D, L – Malic acid 70 g,
Citric acid 35 g,
Ortho – phosphoric acid 30 g,
Carrier ad 600 g.


Action: MICROFORM 10/45 is a microencapsulated acidifier for animal feed. A specially formulated combination of organic and inorganic acids stabilizes the intestinal microflora, stimulates digestion and reduces the risk of diarrhea. The low pH level in the digestive tract protects animals from the action of pathogenic bacteria. In young animals, the production of acid in the digestive tract is often insufficient to reduce pH and efficient protein digestion. The microencapsulation technology enables the gradual release of active principles during the passage through the digestive tract, and especially in its caudal parts, which achieves the maximum effect of the preparation. Microform 10/45 inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as: E.coli, Sallmonella, as well as their migration into the anterior parts of the digestive tract. The effectiveness of this preparation is also reflected in the improved digestion and resorption of proteins and other nutrients. In young animals up to the period of weaning, mother’s milk is a source of lactic acid that provides the required level of gastric pH. Microform 10/45 provides continuity in maintaining favorable conditions in the digestive tract and provides support in the adaptation of young animals in the period after weaning.


Indications: Prevention of indigestion and diarrhea. The preparation is indicated as a supportive therapy for enteritis caused by pathogenic bacteria, especially in the period after weaning, to improve the digestion and resorption of proteins and other nutrients, and to increase daily gain and improve food conversion.


Applications and dosages: The preparation is administered orally mixed with food, in the following doses:

Piglets in the period after weaning: 2.5 – 8 kg / t of feed,
Nazimad: 2.5 – 5 kg / t of food,
Fattening pigs: 2 – 2.5 kg / t of feed,
Sows: 2 – 2.5 kg / t of food.
Ruminants: 4 – 8 kg / t of food;
Rabbits: 3 – 7 kg / t of food;
Poultry: 2.5 – 5 kg / t of feed.


Withdrawal period: No limit.

Side effects: None.

Storage method: In the original packaging, at a temperature of up to 250C, out of reach of children.

Method of issuance: It is issued without a prescription.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Packaging: bags of 500g and 5kg.

Manufacturer: “FM Pharm”, Subotica


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