Ingredients:  1 ml solution for injection contains

Active substances:

Butaphosphan  100 mg

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B 12 )  50 micrograms


Propylene glycol 0.15 mL

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 16mg

Sodium hydroxide q.s.

Water for injection up to 1mL


Prevention and treatment of conditions caused or accompanied by hypophosphatemia and vitamin B12 deficiency:

– Metabolism disorders as a result of inadequate diet, posture or illness

– Prevention of infertility and puerperal diseases

– As a supportive therapy for tetany and paresis, along with Ca/Mg therapy

– Stress, general weakness and exhaustion of the organism


It is not used in cases of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Side effects

They are not known.

If you notice any side effects, report to veterinarian.

Target species:   Cattle, cats and dogs

Dosage and method of administration: 

S.c., i.m., or i.v. application, and in cattle only i.v.

Cattle: i.v. 2-5 mg butaphosphan and 0.001-0.0025 mg cyanocobalamin per kg body weight, ie 10.0-25.0 ml per animal

Calves: i.v. 10-25 mg butaphosphan and 0.005-0.0125 mg cyanocobalamin per kg body weight, respectively 5.0 – 12.5 ml per animal

Dogs: i.v., i.m. or s.c. 10-100 mg butaphosphan and 0.005-0.05 mg cyanocobalamin per kg body weight, ie 0.5-5.0 ml per animal

Cats: i.v., i.m. or s.c. 10-100 mg butaphosphan and 0.005-0.05 mg cyanocobalamin per kg body weight, ie 0.5-2.5 ml per animal

If necessary, the application can be repeated daily.

Instructions for proper use of the drug: 

Allow the solution to reach room temperature before administration.

Withdrawal period:


-meat: 0 days

-milk: 0 days

Special warnings for storing the drug: 

Store in the original package at 2 to 8°C, protected from light. Do not freeze the medicine. 

Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life:  2 years.

Shelf life after first opening:  28 days at 2 to 8 ° C.

Special warnings

For use in animals.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

 There are no data to suggest a potential risk of using butaphosphan during pregnancy and lactation.


 No known symptoms, emergency procedures or antidotes.

Special warnings  for persons administering veterinary medicines to animals

No special warnings. General precautions should be observed.


 They are not known.

Special precautions for disposal and disposal:  Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations.

Method of dispensing: The product  can only be issued with a veterinarian’s prescription.


 Inside packing : 100 ml dark glass vial (hydrolytic group II), sealed with a bromobutyl rubber stopper and aluminum cap.

 Outer packaging : Folding carton containing 12 bottles with 100 mL solution for injection and package leaflet.

ATCvet kod: QA12CX91

Manufacturer:  “Fm Pharm” doo, Subotica


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