Neovit AD3E+C 

Composition: 1 ml contains

Vitamin A 100,000 i.j.
Vitamin D3 50,000 i.j.
Vitamin C (E300) 100 mg
Vitamin E (E307) 5 mg
Excipients up to 1ml


The combination of vitamins in the preparation acts as a protection of epithelium and endothelium, increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases, affects the normal development of bones and the entire skeleton and regulates the metabolism of body fat and fat in food. It also maintains the normal function of the gonads (especially the ovaries) and regulates the permeability of membranes and shortens the convalescence time.

Of particular importance is its support for the treatment of rickets, osteomalacia, muscular dystrophy, liver dystrophy, tetany, keratitis, chicken blindness, starvation sterility, convalescence, breeding diseases, pregnancy, then to promote the growth and development of young animals, as well as to prevent stress transport, vaccinations, etc.

Dosage and method of application: The preparation is given 3-5 days p.o. in drinking water in a daily amount of:
Pigs: 1ml per 10 l of drinking water
Poultry: 1ml per 10 l of drinking water
Pigeons: 1ml per 10 l of drinking water
(1 ml = 20 drops of solution)

Warning: If the preparation is overdosed, side effects may occur.

Note: Make a fresh solution daily.

Application Restriction: No restrictions.

Storage: Store in the original packaging at a temperature up to 25 ° C.
Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 1 year.

Packaging: 1000 mL bottle

Veterinary control number: αRS-31-023

Manufacturer: FM Pharm d.o.o. bb, Subotica


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