Neovit AD3E



Neovit AD3E

Composition: 1 ml solution for injection contains:

Retinol palmitate (vitamin A) 100,000 i.u

Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) 50,000 i.u

Alpha-tokoferolacetat, racemate (Vitamin E) 5mg

Indications: Prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis, rachitis, osteomalacia,

muscular dystrophy and liver dystrophy, keratitis, chicken blindness, breeding diseases,

disorder in fertility and pregnancy. It is used during recuperation period and stress, to

improve the growth of young animals, as well as supportive therapy in various infectious

and parasitic diseases.

Contraindications: Not known

Side effects: During the application of the drug, especially with larger doses at one

injection site, sometimes it can cause local reactions. Anaphylactic reactions are

possible. Very rarely, and only after prolonged administration of high doses, they can

cause side effects, which result from A and D hypervitaminosis (anorexia, nausea,

vomiting, enteritis, diarrhea, cachexia, swelling and bleeding of the gums, arrhythmias,

bone fractures)

Target species: horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and cats.

Dosage and method of administration:

The medicine is administered i.m. once, in a daily dose of:

Cattle: 3-5 ml per 100 kg of body weight

Horses: 2-4 ml per 100 kg of body weight

Calves and foals: 3-4ml per 50 kg of bw

Sheep and goats: 3-4 ml per 25 kg of bw

Lambs, goats: 1-2 ml per animal

Pigs: 5 ml per 50 kg of bw

Dogs and cats: 0.5 to 2.5 ml kg of bw

In therapy the drug is applied once at the recommended doses, and if necessary the

application can be repeated. Interval between applications should be at least a week.

For preventive purposes medicine is given once, and if necessary, an application can be

repeated every two to three months.

Instructions for proper use of drugs:

When giving a large volume of products, it should be applied on more injection sites.

Withdrawal period: For meat its 28 days. Milk can be used for human consumption

without restrictions.

Special warnings

For use on animals

After prolonged use of high doses there may be signs of hypervitaminosis A and / or

vitamin D.

Retinol reduces anti-inflammatory effect of glucocorticoids.Barbiturates shortens the

biological half-time of cholecalciferol. Nevertheless, tocopherol is a distinct synergist with


In the absence of incompatibility studies, the drug must not be mixed with other

veterinary medicinal products.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Given the fact that tests on laboratory animals indicate teratogenic effects of vitamin A,

use of this drug in pregnancy is recommended only in cases where the vitamin deficit is

clinically confirmed.

Special considerations for persons administering the veterinary medicinal product

to animals

Do not drink, do not eat or smoke when handling the preparation.

After use, wash hands with soap and water.

Special precautions for disposal and destruction of drug

Unused drug or drug residues shall be destroyed in accordance with applicable


Special considerations for storing drugs: Store in original container at temperatures

up to 25˚ C, not kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life in original packaging: 2 years.

Shelf life after opening: 21 days

Method of issuance: On prescription of veterinarian

Packaging: Glass bottle of dark glass type II, 20ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.

ATCvet code: QA11JA **

Number and date of registration:

1x 100ml 323-01-0595-11-001 from 28.06.2012.

1x 50 ml 323-01-0594-11-002 from 28.06.2012.

1x 20ml 323-01-0593-11-001 from 28.06.2012.

Producer: “FM Pharm”, Subotica, 024/548-130



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