Neovit C-WSP 100


Neovit C-WSP 100

Composition: 1 g contains:

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 1000 mg


Action: Ascorbic acid serves as a stabilizer of adrenal hormones, participates in the metabolism of fungi

hydrate, affects nitrogen metabolism, accelerates blood coagulation, affects the physiological state of blood vessels, facilitates the resorption of iron, increases the body’s resistance to infections, acts as an antioxidant, inactivates various toxins. Ascorbic acid plays an important role in electron transport reactions in cells, acting as a hydrogen transporter in redox metabolic processes. Ascorbic acid is an important nutritional factor for domestic animals, although it is synthesized by most species (poultry, ruminants, horses). However, with greater effort, during infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation, the need for this vitamin increases and hypovitaminosis easily occurs.

Supportive therapy for various diseases, bleeding, hemorrhagic diathesis, convalescence. Increases resilience organism towards infections. There is also an increased need for vitamin C in stress related to changes in diet, facility, transport, interventions (debiting, vaccination, labeling).


Instructions for use: The preparation is applied 3-5 days p.o. in drinking water in a daily dose of, in group administration:

Pigs: 0.5g / 10l drinking water
Poultry and turkeys: 1-2g / 10l of drinking water
Laying hens: 2-3 g / 10l of drinking water
Pigeons and rabbits: 1-2g / 10l drinking water

For single administration:

Horses and cattle: 20 g daily in food or drinking water
Dogs: 0.1-1g in food or drinking water
Cats: 0.1 g in food or drinking water


Side effects: Not known.

Withdrawal period: No limit.

Note: Make a fresh solution daily.

Storage: Store in the original package at a temperature up to 25ºC, out of the reach of children.

Packaging: Bag of 100g and 500g.


Manufacturer: “FM Pharm”, Subotica


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