Oxytocin inj.



Oxytocin inj.

Composition: 1 ml solution for injection contains:

Oxytocin 10 i.j.

Indications: assisting at childbirth, lactation and puerperal disorders: weak labor

contractions, acceleration of normal delivery, uterine atony, postpartum hemorrhage,

secondary retention, prolapsed uteri (fresh cases), spontaneous abortion, postpartum

agalactia of pigs and cows, removal of residual milk in the local treatment of mastitis.

Contraindications: the use is contraindicated at the difficult birth (dystocia) and closed

pyometras.This product must not be given to gravid animals whose cervix is ​​not dilated,

or when the fetus is in improper position.

Side effects: When using i.m. injections it can cause tissue irritation and blue swelling

with resultant gangrene. High doses of oxytocin, in addition to causing spasm of the

uterus can result in an animal being exposed to unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Target species: mares, cows, sows, sheep, goats, dogs and bitches.

Dosage and method of administration:

The drug is given i.m. and i.v. in the following amounts:

Mares: i.m. 1-2 mL, i.v. 0.25-1 mL;

Cow: i.m. 3-4 mL, i.v. 1-1.5 mL;

Sow: i.m. 2-3 mL, i.v. 0.5-1.5 mL;

Sheep, goats: i.m. 1-2 mL, i.v. 0.3-0.5 mL;

Cat: i.m. 0.3-0.5 mL, i.v. 0.2-0.5 mL;

Bitch: i.m.0.5-1 mL, i.v. 0.3-0.5 mL.

If necessary, repeat application after 15 – 20 minutes.

Instructions for proper use of medicine: Before drug administration should be

checked the position of the fetus and dilated cervix to prevent rupture of the uterus. High

doses of oxytocin may postpone the delivery so it is recommended to start treatment

with lower doses, and then increase the dose if effect is absent after 15-20 minutes.

Waiting period: Treated animals should not be sent for slaughter during the treatment

and 2 days after the last application of the medicine.

Special warnings

For use on animals

The drug is not given to gravid animals whose cervix is not dilated. No negative effects

on reproductive performance. It stimulates the activity of the mammary gland during


In case of overdose it causes strong uterine spasm and pain. Stop the drug

administration and apply spasmolytic.

Adrenaline reduces the effects of oxytocin on the uterus and mammary gland.

Due to the lack of data on incompatibility, the drug should not be mixed with other


Special considerations for persons administering the veterinary medicinal product

to animals

Avoid direct contact with eyes, skin and mucous membranes when using drug.

Special considerations for storing drugs: Store in original container, at 2 – 8˚C, out of

reach of children.

Shelf life in original packaging: 2 years.

Shelf life after opening: 28 days at 2 to 8 °C

Special precautions for disposal and destruction of drug

Unused drug or drug residues shall be destroyed in accordance with applicable


Method of issuance: On prescription of veterinarian.

Packaging: Glass bottle of 20 ml and 50 ml.

ATCvet code: QH01BB02

Number and date of registration:

1×20 mL 323-01-8-06-001 date 11.07.2011.

1×50 mL 323-01-9-06-001 date 11.07.2011.

Producer: “FM Pharm”, Subotica, 024/548-130



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