Streptomycin 20%


Streptomycin 20%


Composition: 1 mL injection solution contains:

Streptomycin sulfate 200 mg

Indications: Treatment of primary and secondary bacterial infections of the respiratory,

urinary and digestive tract caused by microorganisms sensitive to streptomycin in

horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats.

Contraindications: Use of drug is contraindicated in animals with impaired hearing,

balance center, kidney disease, heart failure, myasthenia gravis animals sensitive to

streptomycin, as well as in animals in the state of shock.The drug is not used in horses

whose meat is intended for human consumption, as in sheep whose milk is used in the

same purposes.The drug does not apply i.v.

When given drug to gravid animal can lead to damage statoacoustic nerve of cubs.

Side effects: In treated animals after administration of higher doses over a prolonged

period of time, can cause damage to hearing, balance and renal function. It is possible

allergic reaction to streptomycin, transient swelling and soreness at the site of

application.The drug give to cat carefully because the usual therapeutic doses in these

animals may cause nausea, vomiting and ataxia.

This medication can cause neuromuscular blockade causing muscle paralysis and even

sleep apnea.

Target species: horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats.

Dosage and method of administration: The drug is applied subcutaneously or

intramuscularly at a dose that is for:

Horses and cattle: 5 ml per 100 kg of body weight

Sheep, pigs and dogs: 0.5 ml per 10 kg of body weight

Cats: 0.05 ml per 1 kg of body weight

Instructions for proper use of medicine: The medicine is applied twice daily for 3 to 5

days. In severe infections, a therapeutic dose should be administered at 8 hours. The

drug is not given i.v.

Withdrawal period: Meat and edible organs of the treated animals are not for human

consumption during treatment and 30 days after the last application of drug .Milk of

treated cows is not used for human consumption during treatment, or 5 days after the

last application if drug.The drug is not given to horses which meat is used for human

consumption and sheep whose milk is used for the same purpose.

Special considerations:

For use in animals: Subdosage, too short or long therapy leads to the development of

resistance of sensitive microorganisms.If allergic reaction occurs, immediately apply

adrenalin and, if necessary antihistamines and glucocorticoids.

Streptomycin sulfate enhances the effect of general anesthetics and myorelaxants.

Markedly nephrotoxic drugs (furosemide, amfotercin B, cephalosporins) potentiate

nephrotoxic effect of this antibiotic.

The drug is not given gravid animals.

Special considerations for people who give animals medicine: Persons who handle

the drug may be associated with hypersensitivity reactions to the active substance of the

drug. Avoid direct eye contact, skin and mucous membranes with drug .In occurrence

and persistence of hypersensitivity reactions see a physician.

Special precautions for disposal and destruction of drug

Unused drug or drug residues shall be destroyed in accordance with applicable


Special considerations for storing drugs: Store in original container at temperatures

below 25 ° C, out of reach of children.

Method of issuance: on prescription of veterinarian.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Shelf life after opening: 28 days

Packaging: bottle of dark glass type II of 100 mL, closed with bromobutyl rubber

stopper and aluminum cap .

ATCvet code: QJ01GA01

Number and date of registration:

100 mL 323-01-00448-14-001 date 16.04.2015

Producer: “FM Pharm”, Subotica, 024/548-130


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