Neosulf P



Neosulf P

Composition: 1 g oral powder contains:

Sulfadimidin sodium 100 mg

Trimethoprim 20 mg

Indications: Treatment of primary and secondary bacterial infections of the digestive

(gastritis, enteritis, salmonellosis, dysentery), respiratory (bronchitis, pneumonia), and

urinary tract (metritis, pyelitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis) and secondary bacterial infections

caused by organisms susceptible to the combination of trimethoprim and sulfadimidine.

Contraindications: Use of the drug is contraindicated in animals hypersensitive to the

active drug compounds, as well as in animals with impaired liver, kidney and

hematopoietic organs. The drug is not given to laying hens, horses and mature adult


Side effects: Continuous administration of drugs can cause kidney damage, cristaluriu,

hepatic necrosis, hepatitis, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, allergy, photosensitisation,

pruritus, hemolytic anemia and thrombocytopenia.

Target species: calves, foals, piglets and chickens.

Dosage and method of administration: The drug is used mixed with food (piglets,

chickens), or dissolved in a small amount of milk or water (calves, foals). The total daily

dose (amount) of medicine for all kinds of animals is 10 g of powder per 40 kg of body

weight. Therapy is 4-5, and a maximum of 7 days.

During the mass treatment the daily amount of the drug is first stirred well with a small

amount of food, and then to the rest, in order to achieve uniform dispersion of the drug in

a total amount of food. Prepared drug must be used immediately. The animals must be

given a drug in one meal to achieve adequate therapeutic concentration in the body as

soon as possible.

If a larger number of treated animals, for a more precise dosage, they should be

classified in a similar body weight

Instructions for proper use of drugs: drug mixed with food (piglets, chickens) or

dissolved in water or milk use immediately. During the treatment ensure animals a

sufficient amount of water for drink.In case of hypersensitivity reaction, discontinue the

treatment, apply antihistamines and glukokortikoides. Medicine should be applied only

on those categories of animals which is indicated.

Withdrawal period: Meat and edible organs are not for use during the application of the

therapy, and 10 days after the last application if drug .The drug is not used on horses

whose meat is intended for human consumption and laying hens.

Special considerations

For administration to animals.

Use during pregnancy and lactation


The drug is not used during pregnancy and lactation, nor in the hens.

Special warnings for persons administering veterinary medicinal product to


In applying the drug should avoid direct contact with skin or mucous membranes, or

eyes. Hands after each application should be washed and medicine kept out of the reach

of children.


The sulfonamides are synergistic with polymyxin against enterobacteria. Urea enhances

the effectiveness of the sulfonamide enhancing their solubility and reducing protein

binding. Oxyphenbutazone, phenylbutazone and salicylates sulfonamide reduce binding

to plasma proteins and can enhance their effect. Necrotic tissue, pus and are

antagonists because they comprise a sulfonamide of PABA. B-complex vitamins, such

as nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, folic acid and choline, the antagonistic effect on the

sulfonamide Overdose

After prolonged use of the sulfonamide may be damaged and hematopoietic organs and

the CNS. Also, sulfonamides may cause the neurotoxic effects in cattle and poultry such

as peripheral neuritis (nerve shiaticus, n.brachialis) and myelin degeneration of the

spinal cord and peripheral fibers. These conditions are particularly observed in cattle

after iv administration of high doses of the sulfonamide, a poultry after prolonged use in

the food.

Special considerations for storing drugs: Store in original container at temperatures

up to 25 ° C, out of reach of children.

Special precautions for disposal and destruction of drug:

Unused drug or drug residues shall be destroyed in accordance with applicable


Method of issuance: On prescription of veterinarian.

Shelf life: In the original package 2 years.

Shelf life after first opening: 28 days.

Shelf life after dilution and / or mixing in food: drug mixed with food or dissolved in

water or milk used immediately.

ATCvet code: QJ01EW03

Packaging: Bags of 20 g and 100 g, 500 g bags of 5 kg.

Number and date of registration:

1x 20g 323-01-00526-14-001 date 16.06.2015.

1x 100g 323-01-00527-14-001 date 16.06.2015.

1x 500g 323-01-00528-14-001 date 16.06.2015.

1x 5kg 323-01-00529-14-001 date 16.06.2015.

Producer: “FM Pharm”, Subotica, 024/548-130



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